Monday, May 13, 2013


Microscope – device used to view objects which are too small to see or explore with your eye alone. 

Compound – when a scope has a minimum to two magnifying lenses.

Binocular – two eyepieces. 

Monocular – one eyepiece.

Stereoscopic (dissecting) microscope – a microscope with relatively low magnification that is good for viewing large, thick objects.

Transmitted light – light passing through an object, used by many types of microscopes.

Reflected or incident light – light directed down on an object, used by dissecting scopes.

Magnification – the ratio of the image size to the actual size; apparent enlargement of an object.

Resolution - the ability of a microscope to distinguish between two very close points.

Electron microscope – microscope that uses electrons as a source of illumination.