Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Electron Configuration A.K.A. Happiness Has Left My Soul

Electron Configuration 

After watching way too many videos, in order to try and understand what the f@#$ is going on here (... Not to mention -yeah, lets mention the mother f out of the things people choose not to mention- why any of us need to know "electron configuration" because I sure as hell know my dad doesn't remember this, and he's a doctor -but, hey, that doesn't matter...  And, YEAH, yeah it does matter; yet, no one seems to be questioning this, besides my own damn self.  You wanna know what that feels like?  Feels like this...), I decided this one was slightly kind.  Before you want to jump off a ledge, watch it; you'll probably still feel bad -perhaps because you'll forget ALL of this, unless you're trying to be a hardcore scientist- but also maybe a tad bit better.